Unorganized, disorganized—it seems all very excusable for artists, who typically think and live “outside the box.” They are expected to be that way.

But actors have it different from other artists, such as sculptors, painters, writers, and poets, who can walk in disheveled and unorganized to a professional meeting. As long as they can produce their work, they really don’t need to worry as much about how they present themselves. In fact, being unorganized can actually be a characteristic of a successful, artistic persona. And, if so, they would do well to have beside them a hyper-organized assistant to handle the many necessary administrative tasks of their work.

Actors, on the other hand, have to audition. They need to have the mindset of a businessperson. They need to display a sense of awareness and confidence in their abilities, and be prepared to perform examples of their craft while also convincing others of their value.

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