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Ken Wood – Professional Los Angeles Photographer

I believes that every actor is unique and that the ideal headshot reveals the individuals strengths and qualities that only you possess. It is something in your eyes, in your body language, and ultimately in your soul.

You became an actor to express your creativity in a way that no other performer has before. I feel that the best way to express this in a headshot is to personalize the experience–you are a new challenge, a new creation, and your headshot is approached in the same way.

I started as an actor, so I understand the unique struggles an actor faces infusing art into the business side of performing.

We’ll discuss your career, review your current headshots, and explore the opportunity to invigorate both!

How I Got Started

I did some background acting work and was also fortunate enough to book a couple national commercials and some principal jobs, but realized I really enjoy the view behind the camera.

A good friend of mine is a line producer and he hired me to work as a production assistant on a reality show so that I could learn more about broadcast production. Since then, I’ve produced a couple shorts, a little seen feature film, and I produced a documentary about an up and coming comedian named Rosie Tran.

Having worked both sides, I understand what an actor needs. I want to take a photograph of you that captures you at your best. And if you’re a new actor just getting into this business, I’ can tell you about some of the best ways to get an agent, meet casting directors. and some tricks of the trade that I’ve learned from speaking to working actors.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or stop by my studio which is located a few miles from Downtown Los Angeles, in Silver Lake.

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Ken Wood

Commercial and theatrical headshots for actors and 
portrait photography for corporate professionals.
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