The tentpole is almost at the end of its run at the worldwide box office, where it’s the No. 7 superhero movie of all time to date, not accounting for inflation; in North America, though, it won’t catch up with ‘Deadpool.’

The verdict is in: Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will end up as the No. 7 comic book movie of all time at the worldwide box office to date, not accounting for inflation.

Through Sunday, BvS — which is all but done with its run — has grossed $862.9 million globally, including $325.1 million in North America (37.7 percent of its total) and $537.8 million internationally (62.3 percent). It’s likely to finish up in the $875 million range when all is said and done, not enough to change the order.

The picture is different in North America, where BvS currently ranks as the No. 11 comic book movie, again not accounting for inflation. It could overtake Guardians of the Galaxy ($333.2 million) to rank as No. 10, and possibly Spider-Man 3 ($336.5 million), but it won’t catch up with the recent Deadpool ($361.8 million). Overseas, it’s the No. 7 superhero title.

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