You can get a list of reputable agencies from SAG – Screen Actors Guild by calling 323-954-1600 (LA Branch), online at – click on the talent agent area then click on the city or state or are looking in the ATA – Association of Talent Agents the Ross Reports, or the book The Agencies–What The Actor Needs To Know, published by Acting World Books in either the NY or Hollywood edition. It is filled with current agency information, helpful details and is updated monthly.

The Agencies book and the Ross Reports are available in acting related book stores. The Ross Reports is a small monthly booklet that has television production, films in development, agent, manager and casting director listings, which can be ordered through Backstage and found at most major book stores.

Some parents just getting started prefer to have a manager to help them with their child's career. Managers can be very helpful, but remember they will also receive a commission – a percentage (15 – 20%) of any earnings your child receives from jobs they help book for you, in addition to the agent receiving a commission (10%) that the manager worked with for that booking.

The commission percentage depends on each individual manager and/or agent and the job it related to. I believe print work is a higher percentage (20+20=40%).

Here are the best places to look for legitimate managers:

TMA – Talent Managers Association, Inc.

NCOPM – National Conference of Personal Managers

Personal Managers Directory of Managers for Performing and Creative Talents published by Acting World Books,

Henderson's Personal Managers Directory for NY