Scams are something very important to watch out for. Never accept an audition or go for an interview from a phone call when the caller says someone referred you to them. Same goes for being stopped in the mall with someone saying, "Oh, your child has the perfect look for modeling or acting. Please come in for an interview." Don't waste your time. They just want your money. They will tell you all kinds of things any parent or grandparent would love to hear about their child. Anything to hook you and take your money.

Here are the links to help you research and/or report possible SCAMS:

Better Business Bureau

Federal Trade Commission

Easy Background Check

Safety is an important issue for any age. Due to so many ways of peoples' identities being tampered with or stolen, it is very important to NEVER list your child's social security number, home phone or address (the city is okay) on anything, even if it is requested on a sign-in sheet or a size card that is filled out at some auditions. You can write in "On file" or "Obtain upon hire" or if your child is a union member, write in their union member number. Be sure to always sign out the time you left on the sign-in sheet when leaving an audition. If you are at a union audition for more than one hour, then do include your child's SS# when signing out, as your child will be paid for audition overtime and they will need the SS# for the paperwork.

I know that there is so much information to take in and at first it may seem overwhelming. You are not alone! Working in this industry is a continuous learning process. As you go along, everything will eventually come into place. Just take it one step at a time. Your first step is to research – and look – you've already started! I'm still learning myself, and I've been at it almost all of my life. There are so many resources that are available today that I did not have many years ago, so I'm happy to share what I've learned first hand from experience. This is only the beginning.