Women’s Headshots

A woman’s headshot has to show off and emphasize feminine features, and the particular aspects of the female face that make it beautiful in its own way. This means emphasizing eyes, or jawline, or hair, or in many cases body (hard to do with a headshot but possible), as well as bringing a sense of balance to facial features… big eyes are great but a headshot can look like a kitten poster if those eyes are hovering over a tiny mouth.

  • Make the main focus of the pictures your expressions.
  • For acting headshots keep your clothing simple and avoid anything that’s going to be distracting.
  • Avoid bold patterns, stripes, logos and graphics on clothing.
  • Bright, solid colors are always good.
  • Bring several options to choose from because it’s always better to bring too much than not enough.
  • Avoid any jewelry because you don’t want casting agents to be distracted by it. You want them to see your personality.
  • Layering clothing is always good, such as, t-shirt, shirt and a light jacket.

Commercial and theatrical headshots for actors and 
portrait photography for corporate professionals.
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